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Tende da Interno

Internal Curtains

Curtains has got a relevant and aesthetic impact, as well as significant thermal, visual and sound-absorbing function.

The details make the difference and the QUARANTA6 team knows it.

Classical Curtains

Can be mounted on the following systems (which can be applied both to the ceiling and to the wall):

  • white, black or gray painted aluminum rails. On request also with particular Ral
  • sticks in steel, brass, wrought iron, bronzed brass, etc.;
  • steel cables with different finishes.

To realize this typer of curtains, you can use every kind of fabric

The quaranta6’s team wuold advise you on the most suitable choice based on your needs.

Roman Blinds

Can be made with any type of fabric, as long as it is not too light.

As for any curtains, the packaging is as important as the fabric and for this reason the QUARANTA6 team is available to advise customers on the most suitable choice to obtain the desired effect.


A modern screening system, roll has ugot great evolutions in recent years, because it is particularly suitable for minimal and rigorous environments.

Today QUARANTA6 proposes, just to name a few, leading companies:

  • Silent Gliss e Medit,
  • Pellini,;
  • Mottura;
  • Création Baumann;

many more.


The window panel curtains can be interpreted with any fabric and, except in few cases, have no dimensional limits. Sliding panels, on the other hand, are generally made with medium-weight fabrics.

In this type of curtain, with an essential and rigorous appearance, the packaging is the most important element and therefore must be done in a workmanlike manner. The ideal size of the panels varies in width from 60 to 100 cm. An aluminum weight strap is inserted into the bottom seam of the panel.


Interior goods manufacturer of natural material

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