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To choose fabrics, light is important and essential to enjoy the selected colors in an integrated project, which includes curtains, sofas, armchairs, wallpapers and carpets.


The QUARANTA6 team is constantly updated on news and trends. We are available to advise  and assist you in order to choose the style and the products, combining technical and aesthetic expertise.
Furthermore the team:

  • perfectly knows the products, knows what to propose and how to interpret the products;
  • develop many proposals;
  • proposes solutions that are aesthetically and economically aligned with the expectations of the clients;
  • solve technical difficulties with comptence.


An unexceptionable realizations, original and personalized solutions for:

  • internal curtains;
  • external curtains;
  • upholstered;
  • carpet and moquettes;
  • wallpapers;
  • textile accessories.

For an impeccable realization, our skilled technicians always carry out an inspection and survey measures, then move on to the production executive phase. Furthermore, before delivery, we provide an accurate quality control service for the finished product. Only after these steps, we deliver and install the products.


To let last the products, it is necessary to provide a regualr maintenance. While selling, Quaranta6's team, always give the right indication in order to manage the product correctly.
We also do, always in collaboration with specialized technicians:

  • repairs on site when possible;
  • mechanical curtain's component replacement;
  • washing programs of all the fabrics supplied in collaboration with specialized dry cleaner;
  • arrangement and remaking of sofa's upholstered.

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